Royale Safe Button Area – Mailing List

Royale Safe Button Area – Mailing List

Royale Safe Button Area – Mailing List 150 150 Carlos Rovira

Mailing lists are the main way of communication with people working in Apache Royale. We invite you to join our mailing lists and share your thoughts and experiences with the technology.

Guidelines on how to participate

Please read the following Apache mailing list guidelines to use the mailing list properly

Important: Our mailing list are public and therefore a message sent cannot be unpublished. Please make sure you do not send any potential sensitive information to the mailing list, including passwords, server names, ips and so on.

Users Mailing List

This is where community users can get together and discuss Royale, how they use it. It is also used for helping each other with using the SDK. All discussions on this list are unofficial discussions. Use this list to get help from fellow Royale developers, to discuss how you use Royale, etc…

User List Archives

Development Mailing List

This mailing list is geared towards users working on the SDK or related utilities. Everybody is welcome but the discussion is of a high-level. If you want to ask the developers questions about the bugs, features, etc., this is the mailing list to do so.

Development List Archives

Commits Mailing List

This is where the community receives automated notifications of any changes to the code and documentation.

Issue Mailing List

This is where GItHub issues and bug reports about Apache Royale are notified.

    Join Us!

    You can be part of Apache Royale and start using and contributing to this project. We need your skills to make this great technology reach the next step. You can start by joining us in our mailing list.