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In Apache Royale you develop your applications using ActionScript 3 (AS3) and MXML languages. Your source code is build with the Royale compiler to generate the final Application that will run on the chosen platform.

Royale is a powerful, open-source application technology that lets you easily build desktop, browser and mobile applications for multiple devices and operating systems, using the same programming model, tools, and codebase.

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You can use the Royale SDK to create a wide range of highly interactive, expressive applications. For example, a data visualization application built in Royale can pull data from multiple back-end sources and display it in charts, tables, or other methods of your choice. Business users can drill down into the data for deeper insight and even change the data and have it automatically updated on the back end.

Use constructs like strong typing, inheritance, and interfaces to program more efficiently. Extensive mobile and traditional components help speed development. Royale applications can access device capabilities such as GPS, accelerometer, camera, and local database. Enjoy a cross-platform and native experience. Create applications that run consistently across Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and iOS devices, as well as inside the browser and on traditional desktop computers. Royale gives you cross-platform development efficiency, and your application users enjoy an uncompromised native experience on each platform.

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