The faces behind the code

Apache Royale Project Management Committee (PMC)

Apache Royale™ is updated and maintained by a large group of individuals, including you. Your contributions, whether just using the software, reporting bugs or proposing patches to code and documentation, are a welcome part of making Royale better.

Certain individuals can earn committer rights and eventually earn membership in the Project Management Committee (PMC).

Here are some of the committers and PMC members. Find them on the mailing lists and elsewhere talking about Royale. If you are looking for support, please contact us on the mailing lists or open a ticket in our issue tracking system (GitHub).

OmPrakash Muppirala

Peter Ent

Yishay Weiss

Andrew Wetmore

Andrew Wetmore

Greg Dove


Alina Kazi

Chris Dutz

Hugo Ferreira

Pushmina Kazi

Raúl Nuñez


Dave Fisher

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