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Our big thanks to those companies that help us in our journey

Apache Royale PMCs wants to recognize third parties that provide software or services to Apache Royale to further the goals of the project.

Your support helps make Apache Royale a great technology!


Our journey started when Adobe donated Apache Flex, the project from which Apache Royale was born, in 2011. Since then, Adobe has provided full time contributors to the project; this has been a huge help in Royale’s development.

Link to Adobe


Thanks to BrowserStack for donating an Open Source license for the Apache Royale Team to help us test the code and our technology across many browsers and platforms.

Link to Browserstack


Codeoscopic has helped Apache Royale from its beginning with full time contributors and a preproduction website infrastructure server that simplifies website development and deployment.

Link to Codeoscopic


JetBrains has helped PMCs and committers in this project with its IntelliJ IDEA open source license. This has made it more simple for contributors to develop the Apache Royale code.

Link to JetBrains


From the beginning of the Apache Royale project, PrintUI has provided full-time contributors who have helped with both coding and management of the project.

Link to PrintUI


Thanks to Bowler Hat LCC for supporting this project with his AS3 & MXML Visual Code extension and making it more easy for us and our community to develop Royale framework and Royale Applications

Link to Bowler Hat LCC


Prominic.NET has been beting for Apache Royale through its Moonshine IDE from the beginnings of the project and its developers are part of our PMCs that work as well on Apache Royale project to enhance and maintain it.

Link to Prominic.NET

These are companies that are known to have helped the project. If you know of others please let us know!

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